Comprehensive Directions the "Manual" doesn't cover?

by Tania
(St. Louis)

I've had a lemon out of the box. Purchased a Dolphin Deluxe 4 from Leslies Pool Stores in St. Louis.

The original power box had the rocker panel power switch. That wouldn't shut itself off, nor would it start most times. This was replaced after I complained (while still under warranty) with the new digital power box. -- Same problem, wouldn't shut the blue power button off in order to start again the next day.

On to my 3rd box now. This is supposed to have a "programable timer" and "full bag indicator" right? These last two boxes did not come with directions. The online Manual here does not address these much needed features for an elderly user that doesn't want to go in the yard every morning to manually turn on the thing.

Question 1). How does one program the timer?

Question 2). How is the full bag indicator utilized, or look like?

The new "swivel cord" adaptation is no better either. Pulling the heavy unit out after every use to straighten the cord on the deck in the sunlight as recommended is just fantastic for a 77 yr. old btw. Getting the filter bag back in and door to stay shut is quite enjoyable as well. My pool company warned me of this fleecing.

Feel completely swindled. Polaris was far better.



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