Dolphin Deluxe 4 and Drain Covers

by Patricia Lior
(Las Vegas, Nevada)

Our Dolphin Deluxe 4 gets stuck on the drain covers at the deep end of our in ground pool. We had our pool renovated and also went from one flat drain cover which was not to code, to two drain covers that protrude upward approximately 1 1/2 inches, which meets safety standards.

We were told we would receive a VGB Impeller Cover - Deluxe 4. We received the impeller cover, but it is the wrong one and we can't install it. Two pool stores have confirmed this is the wrong part for our unit. The idea is great, with the new part it should give just enough extra boost to get the cleaner off the drain cover.

The part we received is oval shaped as in the Dolphin Orion model.

I would like to see somewhere what the part looks like for the Dolphin Deluxe 4, we need a round shaped impeller cover.

We are pleased that Maytronics has the part we need. Now we are waiting anxiously for this part to arrive in the mail.

Has anyone else had this problem?

ADMIN REPLY: There is a page on this topic. Search "my pool cleaner is stucK"

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