Dolphin deluxe 4 climbing issue and answer

by Frank
(New Jersey)

I purchased a private label Dolphin deluxe 4 from Leslie's Pool some years ago. It has been a good cleaner.

This year it has been malfunctioning. It would reach a wall and just stop there with the rollers turning. It never went vertical to climb the wall. The top fan appeared to be erratic as well.

I think the robot is depending on the transitions to vertical to determine the pool size. When it doesn't happen as expected I think it gets confused and the action of the rollers and top fan appears erratic.

The model I have has the pink brushes that are suitable for a vinyl pool. I saw online that there is a different brush that uses climbing rings as well, intended for smooth surfaces. I ordered the climbing rings but not the different brushes. I used nippers to trim channels in my pink brushes so the climbing rings would fit properly.

The robot with the climbing rings installed had no trouble going vertical when it hits a wall. It isn't climbing to the top consistently yet, I will have to look into that. But for now it appears to be functioning well again.

The Maytronics 6101611-R4 Climbing Rings are available on Amazon

The Maytronics brushes designed for the rollers are also there

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Jul 05, 2018
Thank you!

Others will appreciate the solution you provide

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