Dolphin Drive

by Win Crannell
(Dahlonega, Ga USA)

The motor is running fine, it is pumping major water through the unit, but the tracks are not moving. I took both side plates off and cleaned out the leaves that were jammed in there, which must be the problem after reading the note on this site. is there an axle going from the motor to the drive gear that might have broken, or a cotter pin? I didn't take anything else apart when I saw the drive gear wasn't moving.

Win Crannell Dahlonega, Ga

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Feb 09, 2016
by: WinAnonymous

I found the peg, it had separated, so I repaired it with pliers and it is running fine. It does not work if you have to many leaves, they run up the works. I like this unit because the way it works, with the Aquabot I had to replace the drive belts, but it was better wit the leaf problem. The only solution to the problem is don't build a pool next to the woods.

Jan 29, 2016
Yes to axle

There should be a metal peg from the motor to the drive pulley.
Make sure the motor is actually turning. Plug it in and turn on for a moment

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