dolphin dx 4 not behaving

Hi there, when i put the dolphin into the pool and turn the switch on, it only runs for a few seconds and then shuts off.

When i went to fire it up recently, it turns out I had forgotten to turn off the switch. It does shut off automatically, but a couple of weeks ago, when i plugged it in, the unit started up while it was still on the stand. Of course this is really noticeable, so shut it off immediately, was probably only on for a few seconds. So I'm wondering if there's a connection, that it maybe reprogrammed itself to run for that length of time.

I'm in Ontario, so if I need to send it out for repair, could you also recommend a place. I bought it as Oasis Pools in Burlington, ON, but when I left a voice mail about this problem, they didn't return my call.

Thank you for time and attention, Janet Schutten 905-957-0701
ADMIN REPLY: If there is nothing stuck between the tread and drive gear then the problem is most likely with a circuit board. Unfortunately that part cannot be purchased separately.

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