Dolphin DX-3 Starts then Stops after a few feet FIXED IT!

by Elayne
(Edmond, Ok, USA)

I started having this problem and I read online where other people were having similar issues but none of their issues were my issues. I took my dolphin out of the pool and it ran just fine. There were no obstructions, the bag was clean, nothing in the wheel track, cords were fine etc. When I put it in the pool it would sink but then I would start it, it would go and then stop. I couldn't figure it out. I messed with it for a few days making sure it was clean, restarting etc. Then finally I took the case off. A few days before when I had emptied the bag I had found a few small plastic yellow pieces inside with a few clear plastic pieces from some floating light ornaments that were once in the pool that apparently had come off and fallen to the bottom of the pool. What had happened is the vacuum had picked them up and the plastic had broken the plastic impeller inside the vacuum. (the yellow pieces were from the impeller, at the time I didn't make the connection) So fast forward a few days when I was unscrewing the screws to take the case off you can see right in the middle of the top the impeller and as I was unscrewing screws it dawned on me those yellow broken pieces belonged to the impeller. Once I got the case off I was able to see the impeller more clearly and yes in fact it was the impeller was broken. The local pool store sold the impeller for $14 bucks. All I had to do was unscrew it and replace it. It was easy. Put the case back on and the screws back in. It worked great, just as good as new again. So if you have this problem which I have seen a lot of people post, check to see if your impeller is broken. :)

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Aug 14, 2022
Start then stop
by: Anonymous

The impeller doesn't look broken, but the robot starts then acts as if it is trying to climb a wall, then it stops.

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