Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Stopped Working

by Kevin
(Dripping Springs, Texas)

Hello, I received my new unit around mid April of 2021. Everything has worked perfectly up till yesterday. I usually start the clean cycle manually right after I do my daily "pool chores." Yesterday, after the daily cleaning of the cartridges, I put the Dolphin back in the pool and hit the power button and hit #1 (as I always do) and nothing happened.

I unplugged the power unit for a few minutes hoping that would do something. All of the usual blue lights on the power unit are lit up as normal, but no response from the actual sound, no movement, nothing.

Today, after reading online last night, I pulled the unit out of the pool and set it on it's back.

I hit power then #1 and the tracks started spinning...AWESOME....I put it in the pool and it used its fan/blower to push itself down to the bottom and that was other movement, nothing.


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Jul 24, 2023
Cleaned Brushed motors, same problem.
by: Tech16

Good info.
This is the Second Time my Dolphin CC PLUS has utterly Failed.
I did All that was included in this video.
The Exact Same Problem still Exists:
Same Brief FWD/REV run, Pump motor working.
29 VDC ay Motor-End of swivel cable.
I suspect the Board.
Any help would be Much Appreciated.

I'm beginning to realize that Brushless Motors should be used Exclusively in these devices, as Cascading Failures cause High Customer expense out of 2 year Warranty.

Jul 29, 2022
Motor Fix Dolphin CC Plus
by: Anonymous

Since the impeller motor spins the unit is receiving power - the problem the drive motor in the black box. If not in warranty, remove the black box from the unit and open it up, disconnect the drive motor / gear box assembly. Open the gear box assembly (4 screws) and spread the grease evenly across the gears. Disassemble the motor (2 screws), clean out the black soot gently with a brush from the components (except windings). Use compressed air to clean the soot out from the windings, finish cleaning the windings with contact cleaner spray. Lightly sand the commutator, rinse with contact cleaner spray.
Inspect motor bearings, as long as they are sealed and no play they are ok. As a bonus repeat process with the impeller motor. Reassemble, where ever there is a rubber seal make sure the seal is free from dirt and debris, add ptfe based lubricant around the rubber seals.

For reference:

Black Box Part Number: 99953051-EX

Impeller Motor Bearings
626-2rs 6x19x6
608-2rs 8x22x7

Drive Motor Bearings
2x 625-2rs 5x16x5

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