Dolphin Premier won't pick up sand or climb walls

by Randy Gideon
(Oak Island, NC)

I did a good bit of research on robotic pool cleaners and decided on a dolphin premier. It looks nice, but will not climb the walls well (I have an in ground fiberglass pool with a ledge around it, the cleaner gets hung on the edge, but won't even climb the wall well on portions of the pool with no ledge). My biggest complaint is that it absolutely will not pick up sand... runs right over it and stirs it up a little, but will not pick it up. Suggestions?

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Aug 05, 2015
Dolphin Supreme M400
by: CJ White

Just purchased an M400 Dolphin cleaner and even though I received a written response from Maytronics that this cleaner would definitely climb out safety ledge due to its wheels more like a tank, it does not, as I found out when I used it for the first time today.
I too noticed that it does not pick up the sand in the shallow end, but did in the deep end.
Entire reason for payout such a large amount of money for this one was it's supposed ability to climb, and great cleaning & get me out of cleaning manually. Defeats purpose if I have to clean to get the sand out.

Jun 30, 2015
Sand is difficult

Sand is difficult for a fast robot to pick up. A slower model would actually do a better job getting the sand.

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