Dolphin Star won't climb walls

by Francis
(Grenoble - France)

My pool is a perfect rectangle 25ft X 12ft, shallow end is 4ft deep and deep end is 7ft. It is fully covered with small glass tiles.

I got a brand new Dolphin Star with the adapted foam rollers.

Irrelevant of the selected program (short or long), it sweeps the floor well but when it hits the wall it starts climbing and get to an approximate 45 degree angle, the back end roller and caterpillars do not touch the floor and then it goes back down. It tries several times to climb before going backwards.
Interesting enough when I put it in water (after draining carefully trapped air and wetting the foam rollers), the first time it hits the wall it climbs correctly but then it never does it again as if by climbing once it has picked-up additional water and it weights too much to climb.

The diameter of the foam rollers is larger than the one of the caterpillars front wheels, only the rollers touch the wall and the caterpillars do not.

I tried to modify the turn radius by playing on the 2 handle floats with no difference in behaviour.

Any insight on what to do to make it work as it is supposed to do?

Thanks in anticipation!

Desperate Frenchman

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Aug 21, 2017
like Fred Astaire
by: Anonymous

Hello I can't give my robot pool cleaner a rating because i'm not 100% sure I'm doing everything right, although I've got at least 12 hours working with my cleaner.
I have a small Shasta plaster in ground 7,600 gal pool
I have just purchased a robot from Hayward co. it's a two wheel " The pool Cleaner " I have followed the instruction in the Manual ( very poor ) i have followed the video by Hayward also. The robot dances like "Fred Astaire "So this is it's name,
turns and twist and goes 8" up the wall then does a back flip up and over and turns then travels across the pool and repeats
the same dance. I have worked hard on trying to regulate the amount of suction and wheel rotation speed to Fred, using my valves and adjusting the floater on the hose the only thing left is to turn my return jet eyeballs down and I can't see where I have to adjust my jet every time i want to use Fred.
If you have had a problem as I please leave a comment.
Todays date Aug 21, 2017 10am Solar Eclipse in on at this moment
Ginger R.

May 11, 2012
Try lighter (disposable) bag
by: Serge

I had a similar problem when my Dolphin Diagnostic would climb the walls for about an hour and after that crawl the floor only. I switched from the original cloth bag to a disposable filter bags and now my robot climbs walls much, much longer. Also using a disposable bag eliminates bag cleaning process (which I always hated).
I'm buying my bags from this site They also sell their bags on Amazon (you will have free delivery if you have Prime). Just search for ezPOOLBag.

Good luck!

May 10, 2012
Generally speaking
by: Anonymous

Generally, a robot that won't climb to the water line has a suction problem whereby the pump suction is not great enough to overcome gravity.
Possible causes: Dirty bag, pump obstruction

The PVA brushes may be adding weight that the pump is unable to overcome. The robot may be climbing early on because the brushes are not yet fully saturated with water.

Many people complain that their robot spends too much time at the waterline.

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