Dolphin Stopped after Motor Replacement

by Jill

Our Dolphin Supreme M4 needed a new motor. It would move a little, maybe go up a wall a bit then fall off and stop or just stop altogether. It seemed only able to move in one direction. It would also create bubbles or a sort of whirlpool above itself. We took it back to the shop where we bought it. They ran diagnostics and found indeed it did only go in one direction. It required a new motor. We bought it last year so luckily it was covered by the warranty.

We brought the repaired Dolphin home and tried it out. It moved very slowly stopped and changed directions. It stayed still sometimes and tried to climb walls but would fall off and do the whirlpool thing. We were quite frustrated but resolved to take it back to the store. I called first and was asked to change the handle position, drop it in and push the reset button immediately after the power button. I was told to let it be for a half hour even if it did not move as it might be scanning or resetting. Shockingly my Dolphin behaved normally. It ran a full cycle.

The handle position apparently makes a huge difference and should be changed regularly. Different positions cause different movement of the Dolphin, which I knew but did not give enough attention. We are also lucky to have a great pool store with friendly and knowledgeable staff in Piscataway, NJ.

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