Help me fix my Aquabot

by Irene
(Huntington, NY, USA)

Aquabot Power Supply

Aquabot Power Supply

I need help! I have a Aquabot basic unit and it stopped working after 15 years. I took it to a repair place, not an authorized dealer and he said it might be the pump or plug or the motor. He also cut off the female plug from the cord to the Aquabot cleaner. I think he wanted to sell me another company unit and not repair this one.

When I got it back I asked a friend to check out the power supply unit and he said there was power in the box except the wires coming from the transformer to the male plug that you connect to the cord to the Aquabot.

Is there a place on Long Island, NY or any where else that I can buy just the end plug to the Aquabot? It's a 3 prong plug. Also where can I buy a new or used power supply?

Admin Update
On May 11, 2008 I looked at your Aquabot. A continuity check revealed a bad fuse holder in the transformer.
A continuity check of the power cord revealed a break. In fact, after digging out the hardened 15-year-old putty from the terminal well, I found both cord ends were corroded and broken as well as 1 wire from the pump.
I cut the cord at the handle and crimped new terminal ends to both cord and pump then repacked the well with new putty.
I hope to hear about the robots future performance after it's "quadruple bypass".

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