Maytronics X5 Starts/Stops - Possible reason?

by Aram

I have a Maytronics X5. Recently found that the impeller was shattered. I've cleaned all the debris and broken parts out. Unit starts up initially and both tracks move. After ~20sec tracks stop moving and then impeller motor starts but shuts down after 10sec. After that, nothing else. Fearing moisture on the circuit board I opened the motor unit but everything looks good and no moisture. I've tried resetting and nothing.

Update: I haven't replaced the impeller yet. I understand that there is a current sensing resistor on the circuit board such that if the impeller motor is not under load (i.e. because there is no impeller) the unit will turn off. Is that correct?

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Apr 23, 2016
Excellent repair

Thank you for the information!

Apr 19, 2016
X5 Update #2
by: Anonymous

Update #2: New impeller installed and unit working fine. Clearly controller board has circuitry to prevent both overloading AND underloading. Unit will not work out of water and will shut off after a few seconds.

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