No Power

Power Supply (PS) was on but no DC voltage coming out.
Pulled apart PS and looked at the board. One Capacitor seem to be burnt.
Replaced 2 caps and finally got DC Out.

Still did not work.

Broken Power cable. in two places.

Cut the cord in halve...and figured what half was good... Had two bad half.
Check with the continuity tester.

Finally with a 5 foot cord spliced together. No DC getting to Motor.

Rotten cord coupler.

DC strait by pass the coupler and still nothing. Kept shorting out and tripping breaker in PS.
Seems like the Motors are bad.

Main motor is 24 volts
and Drive is 12 volts.

Pulled wires off control board hooked them up to a Drill battery 12 v and not even a hint if it turning over.

Same for the 24 volt.

What now.. Sacrifice virgin chickens?

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