PC board failed parts available on Ebay for R14,R31, R43 and M3 for the skilled electronics individual.

by Steve Hobrecht
(Los Altos CA)

Motor Housing Stress Crack

Motor Housing Stress Crack

Because so many people are asking for resistor values and replacements, I have decide to make them available through Ebay if you would like to attempt fixing your failed Dolphin. The resistors and Dmos swithces available are:

R14 0.5 Ohm 3W
R43 0.1 Ohm 3W
R31 18 Ohm 3W

M3 Si4946 60V dual 0.4 Ohm switch (early models)
M3 Si4980 80V dual 0.75 Ohm Switch (later models)

I cannot guarantee that replacing any or all of these components will fix your robot but the units will certainly not work if these components are burnt or damaged. The other key point to look at in case of a water leakage/dessicant package wet is a stress crack that emanates radially from the track drive shaft hole straight towards the open end of the motor housing. Look carefully at the picture above for the hairline crack I have found on 3 out of 3 leakage failed Dolphins. It is not normally the O-ring motor box seal that many people suspect. It took me a long time to find this defect, finnaly seeing small droplets of water coming out of the crack after being in the water.

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