Replacement Aquabot Power Supply getting very hot

by Tim Conway
(Califon NJ)

I purchased a power supply that was a demo from a showroom and it's relatively new. It gets very hot, but I'm not sure if this is normal.

The Aquabot is the 2010 and earlier type and the original power supply output was 35.2V. The output on the new power supply is 42V.

Two reasons I'm concerned.

1. Running about an hour it eventually gets almost too hot to touch.
2. Running beyond an hour it gets a plastic burning smell

Is this normal?

Recent changes to the Aquabot are:
1. Replaced the plug on the Aquabot wire because it looked corroded (It was hot with the old plug that's why I replaced it).
2. Put on new belts.

The model is PS # A7192.

Is it OK to run it like this?



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Jul 13, 2020
Update on Overheating
by: Anonymous

An electrician friend did a diagnosis of the the components.

The resistance on the Drive Motor was 21 megaohms, but he felt that the circuitboard inside the drive motor would account for the high megaohms. So we went no further on that.

The resistance on the pump motor was very low, .1 or around that.

the floating line from the power supply to the Aquabot was tested for problems, all good.

Opened the aquabot drive motor terminals, no corrosion. Replaced one lug that was a little suspect just in case.

Tested each motor individually, no heating up at either motor (that is, the aquabot motors) end.

Put everything back together and put it in the water to test.

Still got hot at the power supply after about an hour and started to smell like melting plastic.

We pulled it out of the water felt the motor and terminals and wire on the Aquabot, nothing the Aquabot itself was warm in the slightest.

We felt there was not much of anything wrong with it, so we decided to just run it normally for an hour or two at a time for a while see how it goes.

I did that today, 2 hour run. At the end of the first run, it was very hot (similar to putting a dish in the microwave and the dish getting too hot to touch).

On the second 2 hour run it did not complete and blew the fuse.

Not sure where to go from here. Any thoughts would be very helpful.



Jul 11, 2020
hot to touch

Power supplies do heat up but they shouldn't warm to the point plastic melts. Can't say I ever saw 42 volts on a regular Aquabot transformer

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