stuck manually cleaning the pool

by deb
(st louis, mo, usa)

I have an older dolphin cleaner that just stopped working one day. The impeller would not move, the tracks would not would act like there wasn't any power. So I looked online and figured I needed a replacement chord between the controller and the vacuum. I bought one, replaced it and it still wouldn't work. So would love to know what to do to fix that unit.

I have another newer dolphin cleaner that worked like a champ one season but the following it stopped working mid season. The impeller moves water, making it look like it was going to start up but the tracks don't engage.

I have sent requests into the dolphin repair center a couple times requesting to get them repaired but have never heard back so feeling stuck.

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Jul 09, 2020
Non-functioning robot
by: Anonymous

Have an older Dolphin Diagnostic cleaner. When placed in pool, the tracks move the cleaner a couple of feet, then reverse for a couple of feet before stopping. The impeller does not turn at all. Since the unit moves, it appears the motor may be okay. Any thoughts as to what is wrong?

Apr 19, 2020
Bot won't move
by: Deb

So I took my maytronics premier cleaner apart today with the help of this awesome site and found that bearings were all moving freely, track was intact on both sides, sprocket was correctly seated. Again, the impeller moves for a moment when I turn the cleaner on but it will not move. Any suggestions on what to try next? Thanks for any help!

Apr 02, 2020
Could be the sprocket

Might just be the sprocket that turns the track.

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