Dolphin Diagnostic Transformer Repair And Parts

The Dolphin Diagnostic Transformer has several serviceable parts. I don't know the availability of these parts but you can call Maytronics US at Tel: 1- 770-613-5050 or 1-888-Dolphin.

Aquaquality Pools and Spas, Inc is now selling and servicing Dolphin Pool Cleaners. They are a "best bet" for resolving issues with your Dolphin Diagnostic Transformer.

Wires connect with spade type connectors making for easy removal and replacement.

If your Diagnostic Pool Cleaner Transformer is not producing power, then check in this order.

Bypass Transformer Timer

How To Remove ON/OFF Switch and Outlet Socket

1. Actual home power outlet works. Check with multimeter (tutorial opens new window) set on 200vac US or 60vac anywhere 220 volt service is used.

2. ON/OFF switch Continuity. With multimeter set to continuity, touch one probe to the top of the switch, the other probe to the bottom. If continuity is present while switch is OFF, then replace the switch. If NO continuity when switch is ON, then replace the switch. This test MUST be done with power off.

3. Circuit Board is providing DC current. If NO, Check for power leaving transformer windings. Use multimeter set to 200vac

Maytronics Dolphin Transformer

To open the transformer, flip upside down and remove the 10 screws. The unit I am working on has Philip's head screws, your's may differ.

Maytronics Diagnostic Transformer

Remove the screws, then hold the bottom in place and turn the unit right-side-up. Using the handle, slowly lift the casing up and away.

Maytronics Dolphin Transformer

The circuit board with diodes is held by plastic anchors. This circuit board gets 27 volts AC from the transformer windings and sends out 37 volts DC. Using a multimeter, I checked the voltage from the windings, 27vac, and the circuit board, 37vdc.

If voltage is entering the circuit board and not leaving, then this board must be replaced.

If voltage is leaving the circuit board and no voltage is detected at the outlet to the robot, then the outlet plug most likely needs replacing.

Maytronics Dolphin Transformer

Maytronics Dolphin Transformer

Here is another photo testing DC voltage with a different angle. The probes are pushed into the top of the connector.

If no power is reaching the windings, then perform a continuity check on the ON/OFF switch. The spade connectors pull off making removal and testing easy.

Before removing the switch, be sure power is actually getting there by testing voltage from the appliance cord. CAUTION: This voltage is line current, 120 volts AC and will kill you. DO NOT PERFORM ANY OF THESE TESTS UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERIENCED. Continuity checks MUST be performed with the POWER OFF

Maytronics Dolphin Transformer

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